Thursday 8 February, London

CRN brings you Sustainability in Tech Summit

8 February 2024 | BAFTA London

The Earth is in the middle of a climate emergency. We may already have passed the tipping point to reverse the human-made effects of climate change, but we can still make a difference. As an industry, decarbonising the IT supply chain is a huge challenge, but one we must address - urgently. Many firms are taking ambitious steps to achieve Net Zero, but we need to work together to make significant change.

Collectively the carbon footprint of gadgets, the internet and the systems supporting it account for global greenhouse gas emissions on a similar level to that produced by the airline industry. The Sustainability in Tech Summit will bring everyone together and encourage channel players and end user companies of all sizes to make a difference. It’s time to step up.

This initiative will be driven by an all-star Advisory Board, featuring sustainability experts from the vendor, reseller, distributor and end user space. We’ll support the campaign with a dedicated website featuring sustainability-related news, interviews and helpful hints and tips, to spur the IT industry into playing its part in preserving our planet for future generations.

Secure your ticket for the Summit where we will discuss pressing sustainability issues and bring people together under a common goal. The conference will also incorporate CRN's new Sustainability Awards.


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Sustainability in Tech Advisory Board

Chief Corporate Development Officer
CAE Technology Services
Managing Director
Arete Zero Carbon
Regional Director Emea
Head of Alliances & Operations
Highgate IT Solutions
Global Sustainability Director – International Markets
Director of Sustainability
QBS Software
Senior Vice President
TD Synnex
Founder & CEO

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